We are often asked by the students that whether hiring services of writing teams for writing purpose is cheating or not. To give the answer to this question, we added a page to our site that will provide you the relevant answer.

The simple answer to this is No! We provide you the sample of the essay only through which you can get the kick start and develop your own essay. It is same like you do it with your journal papers, books and articles. Our custom essays are just the same.


What If Someone Says Reading Journal Articles Is Cheating?

There is a possibility that you read an article or an essay online which is written by essay writing service and has all rights reserved with it. But if no one is going to read it then how would it be possible that any of the reader would contact those writing companies and who will be those readers who will read it? Just imagine that media says that reading journals from online source is cheating or a crime? Won’t it be insane to hear? Won’t it come into the mind that how would this media stop using the services, when these have been made for the readers to read? Another main point is that, if reading journals from the online source is a cheating, why there is no such law been made or why the government has banned such companies who read the journals? According to us these questions say it all.


How Can Students Take Maximum Benefit From Our Writing Assistance?

We help all the students from all the educational backgrounds and our aim also ensures that the students will not only secure good marks but they will also feel that their understanding has also been improved overall for that particular essay or project.

For many students, particularly the ESL learners, the language of instruction is so intricate that it is hard for them to comprehend it and make a coherent meaning out of it. This is the point where HM2W steps in and it provides guidance papers that is easy to understand and simple in language as well that will be very well understood by a students. All the tough language and theories are explained in a better way and shows student friendly relationship along with a good grip on knowledge. By issuance of these materials and the information that the students gather through other resources, students can develop their own essay easily. This will also help the student in gaining and enhancing the knowledge and they will get a pathway of how to go about a particular essay, with the given instructions and material.


What If I Submit The Custom Essay To My Professor? Will This Be Cheating?

Yes! It will be a cheating. The custom-made guidance essays provided by HM2W are written by professional and highly qualified writers, so submitting their work will be cheating if comparing to other students and your class professor. You will not be able to enhance and increase your knowledge and this act will decrease your interest in studies and may also causes you to think in a negative way like you will always go for easy tricks or apply short cut always that would be al loss for you and your career.

Even if you directly use some paragraphs from the essay, then also it will be considered as a form of cheating. You should simply use our essays and research papers as a source of information and guidance, to learn how you should write and format your paper.


What If My University Finds Out That I Have Used The Writing Service

First of all, you should be clear that we are bound that not to disclose any information of our customer to any other party either of it is your university or professor. So, until and unless you reveal it to someone, no one can dig out that you have used an online writing service. However, if you submit our essay as it is, then there are chances that your professor will figure it out by comparing your work with ours. So, as long as you use our assistance and custom essays in the right way, you will not have to worry about anyone getting to know about this.