The privacy of our clients is very important to us. In order to serve you with efficient a highly enhanced security options, we present a detailed account of the online processing information performances and possible preferences that you can be able to make in regard to the approaches employed for collecting and usage of client personal information. The notice is available on the homepage and other spots where personal exclusive information is required thus it is easily accessible.

Customer Information Confidentiality

Personal data that we are able to collect from our clients include client name, name of university, bank account details, city and state of residence, transaction date plus other details. This contact details are essential in helping communication with the client towards achieving order-delivery tasks and informing our clients in case of any emergency or any other inevitable situations. Thus, all the information that is shared by our clients is treated as confidential property and it’s secured for the best interest of our clients and company.

Improved Customer Database

In order to get in touch with clients quickly and effectively, HM2W employs the use of email, social media accounts and phone number or any other available communication channel. Client contact information will be stored in a highly secured server that automatically assigns a particular special code for each of the client’s order. Therefore, the name of the client is assigned with the order number to ensure that the client identity is secured.  Then the client will be contacted via email and later through your phone when the order is ready or rather when there is any sort of query from the assigned writer. Social media on other hand is used to provide information of our seasonal discounts and other periodical offers.

Credit card details

We strive to always employ the most secure, risk-free and simpler payment processing channel where there is a zero chances of misusage or any other tampering of credit card information. This employs the only reliable online payment systems.  We do not save any data in our site as it’s mostly encrypted and directly transferred into a secure serve. When the transaction has been completed, the information will be erased.

Change in Policies

Clients are advised to frequently visit the privacy policy section to get updated on changes in our policies. The company has the rights to amend the privacy policies whenever it’s necessary and without any notice. For more information or any query log on to

Last Privacy Policy update: Aug, 16th 2015