In cases where a customer is not satisfied by an order delivery even after three revisions, then perhaps it’s because the paper does not meet the customer instructions and directions. In such a situation, the customer has the right to launch a complaint to the customer care department, but the customer should provide relevant proof indicating that even after 3 revisions the paper does not meet the stated instructions. will choose from either of the following from the client for consideration;

  • Plagiarized paper- if you have found out that an order has plagiarism, then you should provide plagiarism reports indicating the extent of the plagiarism from turnitin system or from your university. We do not accept plagiarism reports from other sources.
  • Full refund on your claim-Full refund of any order is 90% and it’s refunded within 5-7 days.

Double Charging of a product or service

These kinds of cases are very rare but in any case, contact us with relevant proof and a refund will be happily refunded

Charged Extra

In case of an extra charge due to a technical error, kindly contacts with relevant proof to get a refund of the extra charge.

Product or service was not received

In case your product or service has not been received, and even after communicating with us more than three times or/and after three days. But still you need to provide relevant proof of communication

I no-longer need or interested with the paper or changed my mind

  • If you do not need or no-longer pursuing placing your order, you can only request for a refund within 1 hour of order placement. 1 hour is the maximum time we take to assign your order to a professional writer.
  • If you manage to request a refund within the specified time, you will receive full amount less the transaction fee (usually 10%) as it applies by the merchant.
  • If your request exceeds the specified time i.e. more than 1 hour, you will be charged 25% processing fee because the order has been assigned to a writer and we will pay him somehow.

Requesting a refund after 24 hours

You can make a request for refund even when the product or service has been delivered on account it does not meet the desired or required specifications However; first you are advised to utilize Free Revisions which offers up to three free revisions without a charge.

And if after utilizing the 3 free revisions and still they are unsatisfactory, then use the following three options;

  1. A different writer will assigned your order to produce the order afresh using the initial specifications.
  2. Free pages/Essay allocation-this is where you allocate free pages/essay for future use on a different order but of the same value
  3. Make a refund request by agreeing mutually on a specific percentage if the paper has compliance issues (this is when you placed an on “Tourism Trends in Europe” topic but you received a paper on “Religious Beliefs Across North America”). If an order is on topic and there isn’t any issue on the paper, then you do not qualify for a refund.


Send your refund requests to

Cases that don’t qualify for a refund

  • Delivery delays caused by technical issues involving minor errors including typing mistakes, spelling mistakes, document formatting, grammar mistakes, less word count and insufficient references.. In such situation and the customer shall agree mutually to settle on refund or a discount on a future order.
  • Delay of additional information from the customer regarding a placed order and the customer did not communicate promptly on time. For example request for additional information was made on Monday but the customer replied on Friday
  • Requesting for a refund even before utilizing the available Free Revisions service after receiving your order.
  • Requesting refunds for failed or low grades. Our products and services do not guarantee better grades

Dispute and Conflict Resolution Process

  • In any situation of discontentment of an already delivered paper from the company, the customer should first inform the company before contacting an intermediary like banks, PayPal, credit card company, 2CO/2Checkout, legal authorities or any merchants involved etc.
  • In any case that you choose to contact any of the intermediary without first contacting us, we will treat it as an infringement of user agreement or your contract with us. And the matter will be handled according to such conduct.
  • In a situation where is unable to mutually settle with the customer, then the customer is free to contact the third party.