There are numerous custom writing services that you can choose from in your decision regarding the writing company that is most appropriate for you. Our company has a commitment to provide premium custom writing services that match high quality standards and are priced affordably.

The writing services that we offer students include coursework, book reports, term papers, essays, dissertations, theses, speeches and research papers. The writing services offered cover varying course levels and match individual paper requirements.


Assignments take different forms and may fall in varying fields. Our writers are experienced in diverse fields of research and can address your assignment needs on a timely manner despite the area of study or the academic level.

Article Critiques

In order to critique another writer, you must have adequate knowledge as well as skill in writing. Our writers have years of experience in writing and can employ their skills to provide you with an appropriate article critique.

Admission Essays

When seeking admission, sometimes you are required to include an admission essay in your application package. We have qualified and skillful writers who can write an admission for you that suit your specific context and achieve high standards hence increasing your chances of getting admitted.

Annotated Bibliographies

During research, the researcher is expected to maintain a list of the sources of information that were used. Our writers are here to help you to create a complete list of the sources you used in your research and present them in a manner that matches the latest guidelines and requirements in formatting. Additionally, they are skilful in providing a summary of the work that has been done hence are the people you should turn to if you need an annotated bibliography.

Book Reports

You may feel that your skills are not sufficient to write a quality book report or may simply not have the time or energy to undertake the task. We have writers who are well versed in writing quality as well as original book reports that match the various requirements requested. Be assured that the book report we will provide you will be original and based on accurate information.

Business Plans

In developing a business plan, one is required to adhere to strict standards as well as regulations. Additionally, the business plan is expected to be understandable and presentable to a target audience. The business is highly dependent on the accuracy, relevance, quality and feasibility of a business plan and as such it should be created in a very professional manner. We understand this factor and offer assistance in writing a good business plan that is tailored to match the needs of the industry in which your business will be operating.

Book Reviews

The quality of book review you write may determine the grade you receive following completion of the course. If you feel that you would rather have a skilled and experienced professional make your book review to guarantee high quality, then our company is right for you. Our team of writers is skilled and highly experienced and will deliver a quality book review for you in a timely manner.


Often, course works come with a lot of stress as they usually require to be done at a time when the student is studying for the final exam. The student therefore has to set aside time to work on the course work and still manage to prepare adequately for the final exam. We can ease your pressure by writing your coursework for you to give you time to adequately prepare for your final exam. Additionally, our writers will employ the patience as well as perseverance that are necessary to create a coursework that is of high quality.

Case Studies

It is essential to conduct rigorous investigation regarding a topic when conducting a case study. Additionally, the tutor will require that the completed work be plagiarism free and relevant. Based on the complexity and strictness of case studies, it would be helpful to seek the services of a professional as you are guaranteed of quality work. Our company makes this possible for you. Just place your order together with detailed instructions for the case study and we will write you a quality case study that will earn you a high grade.

Creative Writing

Creative writing requires a professional touch as it involves the writer’s ability to go beyond the obvious. Submit your requirements for the creative writing work and our writers will adhere strictly to these requirements while incorporating their knowledge and skills to result in a creative writing paper that upholds very high quality standards.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking often involves writing a piece of work from scratch and once you place your order and the guidelines associated with the work, our writers will put their skills and experience into work and write you a critical thinking paper that is of high quality.


We have an experienced team of skilled writers who are ready and equipped to conduct thorough research and write a complete dissertation for you. If you desire a dissertation that will match expected standards and address all research requirements, we are the right company for you. Our writers provide a dissertation of high quality that will enable you to receive the desired degree.


Our company takes pride in writing your academic paper based on the paper requirements. We have professional writers who are highly experienced and are committed to providing you with a paper that matches your requirements regardless of the volume of work, course level or strictness of the deadline. Once you submit all the guidelines for your paper in detail as well as instructions on the manner in which you expect your paper to be written, our professional writers will complete your paper punctually and match your expectations regarding quality.


You may desire to write a book, an autobiography or even an article yet some constraints such as concerns over writing skills and lack of time may hinder your ability to achieve your objective adequately. Our company has a team of committed ghost writers who will write your piece of work as you need it based on the guidelines that you provide for the work.


Homework sometimes becomes stressful based on strict deadlines and complexity of context given that it is linked to concepts that have been taught most recently. We understand your position and have active writers who can adequately address complex requirements based on their research and deliver within the deadline you stipulate.

Research Papers

In writing your research paper, you often go through a time-consuming, tiring process of searching for and gathering relevant information. Our company is here to relieve you off this burden by writing a research paper for you that will meet high quality standards for the course you specify and address all requirements of the paper. Our professional writers will investigate the topic stipulated for the research paper in a thorough manner hence creating a paper that upholds recommendable academic standards.

Literature Review

Literature review is a very time consuming task that involves evaluation of numerous literature. Our team of writers can save you the trouble by writing a literature review that will be based on extensive research and result in you getting a high grade in your paper.

Movie Reviews

You may have to set aside adequate time and focus all your concentration in developing a good movie review. We can save you the trouble by undertaking this laborious task for you, at an affordable price and to match the movie review’s requirements. Our writers recognize that in writing a movie review, the tutor is interested in the evaluating ability of the student to express their idea in a precise manner therefore rest assured that the movie review we will provide will satisfy the tutor’s interests and receive a high grade.

Online Portal Service

  • Our company provides you with online classes that will represent your interests meaning that you have the freedom to relax and remain confident of out team’s ability to address your academic concerns. The classes have a forum that will create value for you based on the information shared and readiness of our team to guide you as a customer. Our priority is quality and you need not be concerned regarding authenticity based on the authentic nature of our classes and reliability of the information as well as insights from the classes.
  • Privacy or confidentiality of our customer and their information is another priority for us. You should therefore be guaranteed that aside from high quality, as a customer, any financial or personal information that you provide us with will remain confidential.
  • The online classes offered by our company are not restricted to few fields and instead extend to a wide range of subjects as well as courses. We have a big team of writers as well as helpers who are highly qualified and familiar with specific fields. You should therefore feel comfortable assigning them your work because they are dependable and qualified to address it appropriately.
  • We recognize that sometimes errors may occur despite the greatest efforts to eliminate them therefore we have a team of people who act as our representative and are committed to addressing any queries or problems that you may have. You are free to contact us at any time and have your issues resolved in the shortest time possible.

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are required in a number of contexts such as in creating a summary for your work to simplify the presentation for a board meeting. There are others who utilize PowerPoint presentation to aid a speech delivery through visual images while some use it to enhance delivery of information to a large group. Our company has qualified writers who will provide a PowerPoint presentation that achieves the core objectives of a PowerPoint.

Personal Statements

As you apply for admission into a university for an academic program, you may require including a written personal statement to accompany your application package. We have a team of writers that is well versed and highly experienced with regards to writing a personal statement that matches expected standards as well as addresses necessary requirements. They are always available and willing to share their skills in order to assist you to achieve your desire.

Quantitative Projects

If you desire your quantitative project to achieve high quality, you will need to ensure that it is based on accurate as well as plausible information. Since your are still in your learning stages, you may not have all the knowledge and skills to stick to such minute detail but do not worry because we are available to help you in writing a quantitative project that achieves high quality standards and receives a high grade.

Research Proposals

The importance of a research proposal cannot be overstated as it represents a foundation on which your future research process is based. Do not sweat it because our writers are highly skilled and willing to assist you in writing a research proposal that will be founded on reliable information hence reducing possible errors that may impact negatively on the future research.

Term Papers

If you desire to have your term paper done and delivered in a short time, it’s easy. Our team of writers will provide you with exceptional assistance in writing your term paper based on the area of specific area of study.


After successfully, undertaking your degree course, you will want to finish in style by writing a thesis that will receive a high mark and supplement the grade you have already received from previous assessments. Make an order at our company and have us write a complete thesis for you and related services that include regular updates and drafts on specific parts of the paper if needed.


Unique custom writing features personally for you

Fully Referenced and Format


The nature of sources that you use in gathering information for your work is very important as it impacts on the quality of your work as well as the grade that you get. It is important to allocate significant time and resources to collect sources of information that match academic standards and are relevant for your topic of research.  We provide work that adheres to the specific referencing style needed and have professional writers who are well versed in numerous referencing styles including APA, MLA, Chicago (Turabian), Harvard, Vancouver, Oxford and Open University among other styles. Additionally, we can work on orders that do not require any referencing style or alternative styles apart from those stated above. Your only responsibility is to state your referencing requirement and we will provide a paper that matches your requirements.

Consideration on Academic Level


Our company is not restricted by academic level because our writers have experience and qualifications in different academic levels therefore if you are an undergraduate, PhD, Masters, A-level or Diploma student, among other academic levels, there are writers in our company with adequate experience as well as skills in providing a quality paper for you.

When assigning your order to a writer, our team ensures that your academic level and expected grade are taken into consideration. Consequently, expect to receive a complete paper that has been modified to match the language standards, grade requirements and research scope that you have requested. You therefore have no need to worry because if you need a paper that is characteristic of student whose first language is not English, we will address this factor. You are only required to inform us regarding the individual aspects to meet and our writers will provide a paper that matches your expectations.

Qualification of Writers


We recognize that different writers are qualified to work on papers in a specific academic level. Consequently, we ensure that your paper is assigned to the writer that has the required qualifications and experience in your academic level. You should therefore not worry because the paper that HM2W will provide for you will match your expectations with regards to technical details and other relevant factors. Apart from being qualified in the academic level that your order falls, the writer that is assigned your paper also matches the subject of study and country standards that your paper requires. As a result of the variance in education standards that exists from one country to another, we place priority in assigning orders from UK customers to writers who are qualified in UK education standards. Similarly, an order that is placed by a customer from US, Australia or any other country is assigned to a writer whose education qualifications match those of the specified country.