Our major aim is offer high quality and timely academic products and services. When you have place an order to us, it means you as the “customer” has agreed to the set user agreement terms and conditions.  By using our products and services it is not a guarantee of good grades, we strictly offer original reference documents and other services as per your instructions.

  • By accepting the terms and conditions you will have the ultimate legal authority of charging the total amount of an order via credit card or using any other options of payment. Unauthorized usage of stolen credit card is not accepted and such a case will be reported to law enforcement authorities immediately. Cybercrime and other online fraudulent activities are not allowed and such actions will be reported instantly.
  • In case of delivery issues due to spam filters or incorrect email, or general neglect or no internet access, we would not be responsible. Our customer care services are available full time 24/7 in order to handle any order delivery problems.


Free Revision Policy

As part of our efforts to satisfy our customers, we provide a free revision policy for a finished order within 10 days, and 20 days for large assignments after the deadline. The revision is done according to the initial requirements and free of charge within the initial stated time. After the revision, a nominal fee will be charged.

Guaranteed Conditional Refund

In the case when a customer is not entirely satisfied with an order and the specified 3 revisions, then you can request for a refund within three days. Eligibility for a refund is lost after three days on the assumption of satisfaction.

If you want to cancel an order due to certain reasons then you use 3 options to get a possible refund.

  • First of all, if you wish to cancel an order and a writer has yet to be assigned, you will qualify for 90% refund.
  • Second, if a writer has been assigned the order and less than half of the processing time has passed you will qualify for 75% refund.
  • Third, in case that more than half of processing time has passed you will qualify for 40% refund and if the order has been done ahead of its scheduled deadline there is no refund.

Essentially, if user agreement is violated on any means, helpme2write.com has the rights to approve or rather disapprove your order on an individual care basis. Following are some of the situations that may to delay of order after the scheduled deadline.

  1. a) Late order payments: Until all the payments have been made, we will not work on your order. In such cases, we are not responsible for any delay whatsoever.
  2. b) Unclear Instructions: Where there is an inadequate or unclear instruction, an order will not be delivered on the scheduled deadline. In cases where initial instructions deviate from that of original instructions, we shall consider it as “editing” and additional charges will be made as part of the additional service
  3. c) Improper instructions: Order will be delayed in case of unclear instructions plus will be charged as editing if any modifications are made.
  4. d) Wrong Academic Level: In cases where you have indicated a wrong academic level, it’s your responsibility of notifying customer care support as soon as possible.
  5. e) Resources: It is a requirement to submit all sorts of resources required for an order if such resources are not readily or easily accessible.